Where the Analog and Digital Worlds Meet

Inktronic lets you work collaboratively on drawings the way you want. Whether you need to be marking up on a tablet, touchscreen, personal computer, or using traditional pen and paper processes Inktronic will collect all the changes, and archive them into one, central, repository.

The Inktronic Solution

Get online collaboration, workflow, and a dynamic markup solution in one. Instantly share project information between all project members and sub-trades. Work the way you want while remaining connected to a central project portal. Access and markup drawings using the tools you want. Capture and merge markups from any device seamlessly. Eliminate scanning, maintains version control, and benefit from customizable workflow for distribution, review, and approval processes. With Inktronic, the possibilities are endless.




Touchscreens are great for collaborative work. Place one if your boardroom or site trailer for full size drawing markups and reviews.


Inktronic offers a range of touchscreen options in a variety of sizes, packages, and financing options.

Personal Computers

Access and markup drawings, anytime, anywhere, through the convenience of your own personal computer.

Personal Computers

Inktronic offers a range of software options for marking up drawings using your own personal computer.


Tablets allow you easy mobile access. Ruggedized tablets are a great asset to fieldwork.


Inktronic offers a range of tablet options and a variety financing options to suit your needs.

Digital Pen

Digital pens allow you to work using traditional markup process while still remaining connected to the digital world and central project repository.

Digital Pen

Inktronic is the only solution to integrate digital pen technology with digital markups. Inktronic offers solution packages and licences that include the digital pen.

The Features and Benefits of Inktronic

  • Capture notes with a digital pen

  • Markup drawings digitally

  • Merge markups from any device

  • Manage your markups and redlines

  • Maintain one central repository

  • Maintain first generation quality

  • Maintain version control

  • Custom workflow

  • Control drawing distribution

  • Review and approval processes

  • Instant collaboration

  • Tendering

  • Eliminate scanning

  • Remote printing

  • Secure drawing access

  • Audit trail for accountability

  • Work from anywhere

  • Stay prepared for the future


“Inktronic is the perfect name to characterize the capability of this system”

“Design and construction typically requires the collaboration of a significant number of participants and the technological sophistication of those participants generally varies quite widely. Inktronic provides the opportunity for all participants to communicate regardless of whether or not they chose ink or electronic to do so. In this way, no participant is left out of the process nor is anyone handcuffed by less technological collaborators.”
– Mark Johnson, Ledcor

Your vision to bridge the chasm between conventional pen and paper drawings and modern electronic CAD and document control systems is truly remarkable. In my view it is naïve in the extreme to believe that certain of these organizations, particularly those within the trades, will ever adopt high tech document control systems. The brilliance of your system is that you can accommodate this reality by allowing participants to get on and off the technology highway as they need to, wish to, or have the capability to. You have done the industry a real service!
Lloyd McCoomb, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

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