Inktronic’s History

ITI, was founded in 2011 by Andy Chiodo who, at the time, was President of Entire Imaging Solutions Inc., a print and reprographics company he founded in 1968.

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Entire provides print and reprographic services that meet the needs of their primary customers in the architectural, engineering, construction (AEC), and utilities industries. Through his close work with his clients and his growing awareness of advancements in mobile computing, it became apparent to Andy that a new, breakthrough solution was needed to address issues related to working with, archiving, and sharing paper-based information for collaborative work. Complexity in the AEC industry had reached an all-time high and the demands for accountability and compliance were greater than ever. While there was need for a solution, companies were less than eager to adopt complicated and expensive technologies.

Being his nature, Andy looked to his customers for advice on how a solution could add value. It was then that he first came across digital pen technology – that can instantly capture, track, transmit, and store hand-written notes. Andy immediately realized the potential for applying this technology as a solution to his client’s paper-management problems. Not only could this technology accommodate all the levels of hand-written changes and approvals throughout a projects workflow, but it also met the needs of a target group that would embrace a simple solution that could be used without the use of a computer, additional software, or complex enterprise platforms. Early on it became clear, that this technology was not just a simple solution for the AEC and utilities industries but could be applied to any company or organization that depended on paper-related processes, including that of healthcare and logistics.

Andy Choido’s interest led him to Anoto, a Swedish technology company and world leader in digital pen, pen, anoto, inktronic Digital pen technology enables fast and reliable transmission of handwritten text and illustrations into digital format, not only from paper but also from surfaces such as whiteboards and tablets. Andy didn’t feel that
digital pen technology on its own would be enough; it had to be integrated into a comprehensive and simple to use system that met the total project management needs of the industries served by his company.

“No one before us had thought of applying the digital pen to a collaborative workflow processes,” says Andy. “Even Anoto agreed that we were the first.”

Research and development began immediately to look at how this solution could enable collaboration and enhance workflow to meet the specific needs of organizations dependent, in some part, on pen and paper processes for their communication and documentation. In 2011, the system was named Inktronic.

Inktronic is capable of catering to an international, broad-spectrum market. One of the earliest adapters of Inktronic was in the education sector, another apart of the utilities industry. Today Inktronic is being applied to healthcare and logistics, in addition to the AEC industry, from which the initial inspiration came.