Inktronic’s Services Include


Inktronic allows you to securely collaborate with your team online, at the same time, without interruption.


Inktronic lets you automate the routing and sharing of drawings as well as approval processes.


Inktronic lets you markup drawings using the tools of your choice: from digital pens to touchscreen computers.


Inktronic is highly customizable and is capable of integrating with other software systems.

Elo large format models come in a range of sizes starting at 24″. The most popular choice for site trailers is the 55″ model which lets you markup drawings at their full size, the most popular for boardroom environments are the 70″ models which allows more room for multiple users and a larger display for viewing at a distance. The large format models come complete with a built in PC computer and multiple touch points.

Inktronic’s Nanov large format models are similar to the Elo models but with some added befits, and were built specifically for Inktronic and our AEC industry clients. These screens are 55″ and come complete with a built in PC computer, webcam, speakers, and multiple touch points.


Electric Tilt and Lift Stand – this elite stand has an electric motor that can raise and lower your touchscreen devise in a range of heights. This stand also comes with a 90 degree angle tilting mechanism which allows you to position your touchscreen flat (like a table) or completely vertical.

touchscreen stand

Manual Tilt Stand – This stand is ideal for using your touchscreen in a seated position and gives you 45 degrees room to tilt your screen so you can work at the best angle.

Inktronic stand

Manual Lift Stand – This stand is ideal for using your touchscreen in a standing position. Though it does not tilt it does allow you to raise and lower your touchscreen to sit at the ideal height.

Inktronic stand

Motion, HP, and other manufacturers models are available upon request.

Motion tablet