The Digital Imperative

Change is a critical challenge in all facets of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Learning how to effectively manage change is essential. Today’s projects are larger and more complex than ever. Projects typically take 20% longer to finish and are up to 80% over budget. [1] How can project stakeholders manage on-going architectural, engineering and construction changes, while fostering transparency and accountability across all hard-copy and digital project teams?
[1] Source: Global Projects Database, IHS Herold
Let Inktronic Help Your Company Manage Change

Inktronic Manages Change

Digital transformation across all architectural engineering and construction sectors will not occur over night. With Smartpen & paper technology linked to mobile devices; the Inktronic System gives you;

cloud-based collaboration
access from any digital platform anywhere
secure archiving

On-going project management has never been this easy or affordable.

Hard-copy users can easily create, upload and merge markups using Inktronic’s digital Smartpen & paper via their personal computer, mobile device or workstation; thus eliminating the need to continually scan, copy, fax, courier and route documents. Every project change is captured, tracked and archived for accountability into a central, secure cloud-based repository. Architectural engineering and construction changes no longer create major project delays while waiting for updated drawings and approvals.

Let Inktronic Help Your Company Manage Change


"Simple enough to use at local job sites, yet advanced enough to manage complex international projects."